Yorkshire Power: From Black Gold to Green Energy

Written by
Jack Kelly
For centuries, Yorkshire and the Humber have been at the forefront of driving industrialisation in the UK. With a rich legacy in extractive industries, a strategic location, and unique geographical advantages, this region is primed to spearhead the 'Green Industrial Revolution.' Our CEO, Peter Kavanagh, caught up with Jonny Williamson from The Engineer, to shed light on the future of Harmony Energy and the renewable energy sector in Yorkshire.

In the October edition’s front cover feature, Peter dives into an array of topics, including:

  • Yorkshire’s role in hosting an array of renewable energy projects.
  • The region being the host to some of Europe’s largest renewable energy sites.
  • Job creation in deprived areas.
  • The importance of local supply chains, bolstering the regional economy.
  • Ensuring the future security of the UK’s energy supply and reducing dependence on foreign gas imports.

To read the full edition of The Engineer, please visit the October 2023 edition.

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