Powering a sustainable future through international growth

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Jack Kelly
In May, we were delighted to announce that Harmony Energy has expanded to Italy. Italy adds to our growing international presence and offers a great opportunity to build on our Europen presence and develop renewable energy infrastructure in a country that has significant targets to deliver a future built on renewables.

But where did Harmony’s journey begin? What nations have we expanded to following our UK beginnings? And who are the people behind our journey?

The beginning

Harmony Energy has grown from a UK-based wind farm developer, into a global developer, owner and operator of utility-scale battery energy storage as well as being active in wind and solar, with the vision of powering a more sustainable future for everyone.

Across the UK, Harmony Energy has developed the three biggest BESS sites in Europe, including one of GB’s best-performing renewable assets, the multi-award winning 98MW / 196MWh Pillswood project. Following the energistaion of numerous sites during 2023 and into 2024 – which you can read in our groundbreaking summer in 2023 piece and Jamesfield announcement – the UK operational BESS pipeline has reached over 500MW / 1GWh.

In 2019, Harmony took the exciting step of expanding our teams abroad and started planning and implementing utility-scale renewable energy projects in carefully selected target markets.

But where has our team expanded to?

Our journey abroad began in 2019 when we became aware of opportunities in New Zealand. In 2022, we crossed the English Channel and began the process in France, and in 2023 both Poland and Germany joined. And, we’re delighted to share, that as of May 2024, Italy has now joined the Harmony Energy team.

Where have we expanded to?

New Zealand: In 2019, Pete Grogan spearheaded Harmony Energy’s expansion into New Zealand, with the aim of developing renewable energy projects from conception to commissioning and asset management. The company has been actively working on several projects across its portfolio, with a combined capacity of over 1,000 MW, including the largest solar farm in New Zealand. Pete is one of the founding members of Harmony Energy and is a Kiwi, so he is proud to be developing projects that help NZ on its journey to net zero. All of Harmony’s New Zealand projects reflect cultural heritage and make significant contributions to biodiversity and ecology.

France: Harmony Energy expanded to France in February 2022 through co-founders Andy Symonds and Clément Girard. Joined by Cyril Rouquet, the initial team of three started the French business with a focus on developing utility-scale battery energy storage systems and photovoltaic energy projects. Leveraging many years of personal experience in the renewable energy and electricity sectors, combined with the considerable track record and commercial relationships of the expertise within the UK, Harmony Energy was immediately in a strong position in France to deliver high-quality

Andy Symonds, CEO of Harmony Energy (France) said:

“The establishment of Harmony Energy in France has been an exceptional experience. We have thoroughly enjoyed building a strong team that has implemented well-thought-out plans to shape a better future not only for France but for society as a whole. We are at the start of a significant period of transition with energy as the central focus, and France is no exception. It is exciting to consider the opportunities we can create to facilitate the transition towards low-carbon, renewable energy. We are committed to proposing innovative projects that will generate and facilitate the growth of sustainable energy in the region.”

Poland: Expanding to Poland in March 2023 with co-founders, Michał Maćkowiak and Dariusz Kolasiński, the team of experienced managers began implementing plans for the development of large-scale energy storage systems on its first day of operations. Utilising the expertise and experience from the UK, the team is in a solid position to develop projects of the highest quality in the many years to come.

In November 2023, we hosted a groundbreaking energy storage study tour in the UK for the British Embassy in Warsaw. The delegation, comprising over 30 representatives from Poland’s largest energy utilities, had a unique opportunity to witness the state-of-the-art facilities at Pillswood. As Poland stands on the cusp of a BESS boom, this tour, which included in-depth discussions on technical aspects of construction and operations, was a testament to our commitment to knowledge sharing and innovation.

In Q1 2024 a major milestone was hit in Poland, as Harmony was awarded 400MW of grid connection conditions from Polish TSO.

Michał Maćkowiak, Executive Director of Harmony Energy (Poland), said:

“Our decision to establish Harmony Energy in Poland was a carefully considered and exciting decision. With the support and expertise from the UK, we were able to move swiftly and confidently. This has presented an exciting opportunity for us to make a significant positive impact on the energy industry in Poland, enabling the transition of the entire economy towards renewables.

“We are committed to building out our presence in Poland rapidly and efficiently by leveraging the extensive knowledge gained from the British market. Our financing and operational experience will provide much-needed support to the Polish grid through our advanced battery energy storage systems.”

Germany: In 2023, Stefan Tait and Tobias Kriete founded Harmony Energy in Germany, with the commitment to developing, building, and operating large-scale battery storage system projects throughout the country.

Aligned with the German Federal Government’s ambitious climate goals, Harmony Energy is poised to play a pivotal role in the significant increase of renewable energy capacity in the coming years. Our commitment to battery energy storage systems is a testament to our strategic vision and our contribution to the solution.

Stefan Tait, Executive Director of Harmony Energy (Germany), said, “We were thrilled to launch Harmony Energy in Germany. Energy storage is a crucial factor in achieving a carbon-free future, and we are well-positioned to accelerate the energy transition across Germany and beyond, thanks to the expertise of our talented team.”

Looking to the future

With a global pipeline of over 13GW, Harmony Energy’s expansion is about identifying talented renewable energy entrepreneurs and aligning their ambitions with its expertise to deliver world-class projects in economies where energy transition is essential.

The more BESS and solar sites we energise, the more we can ensure we are leaving the world in a better place than when we found it.

Interested in learning more? Keep an eye out on our social channels for our upcoming ‘Powering a sustainable future’ blog pieces, where you’ll learn more about renewable energy, Harmony Energy and HEIT, and so much more.


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