Harmony Energy distributes community fund to Broadditch community groups

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Jack Kelly
Seven local charities and community groups have received grants from the Harmony Energy Income Trust (HEIT) Broadditch Community Fund.

The annual fund was set up to support a wide range of schemes, including projects that protect the environment, positively impact biodiversity and support a happy and healthy community, all with the vision of powering a more sustainable future for everyone.

UK-listed energy storage fund, HEIT, and global developer and operator of renewable energy infrastructure, Harmony Energy Limited, invited local community groups within a 5-mile radius of the Broadditch Battery Energy Storage Site (BESS) in Broadditch, Kent, to apply for a share of the funding.

Harmony Energy’s Head of Sustainability, Lucie Peralta Agass, said: “We are thrilled to contribute to the community around our Broadditch site through our annual community fund.

“While our BESS sites make a significant contribution to climate mitigation, we also recognise the need for local communities to benefit from our presence, and we are delighted to hear how this funding will help the community thrive during these challenging times.”

Imago, a local organisation that provides support and opportunities to people, families and communities, said:

“Imago is delighted to receive support from HEIT’s Broadditch Community Fund to support our Young Adult Carers in the local area to the Broadditch site. The Young Adult Carers are aged 16-25 and are caring for a relative or close friend who has a disability, long-term health condition, mental health issue or substance misuse issue. The care they provide can be emotional and/or practical. Imago supports Young Adult Carers across Dartford, Gravesham, Swanley and Swale. The funding will pay for the young adult carers to have a much-needed break from their caring role, meet others in similar situations, and build their support networks through workshops and respite opportunities.”

Henry Pinnock and Victoria & Albert Memorial Charity, a local charity who are primarily responsible for the provision of Alms-house accommodation, said:

“Pinnock’s Charities have been providing social housing in the form of alms-houses for 400 years and play an increasingly important part in the provision of much needed housing in the local area. The grant will help increase visibility within the wider local community and raise awareness of our charity.”

The fund will reopen in January of next year, and we welcome more groups to come forward and apply through the BizGive platform.

To find out more about the charities we are supporting, please visit:

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