Episode 100 of Modo Energy’s Transmission podcast: Growing Harmony Energy

Written by
Jack Kelly
Our CEO, Peter Kavanagh, joined Modo Energy's Quentin Scrimshire for this week's milestone 100th episode of the Transmission podcast.

Long-time listeners of the podcast, may remember the first ever episode, where Quentin spoke with Paul Mason, CIO at Harmony Energy, about taking Harmony Energy Income Trust plc to IPO.

One hundred episodes later, Modo Energy and Peter take a look at the rest of Harmony’s story. From the challenges and triumphs of scaling projects, the complexities of the energy market, the impact of fluctuating revenues, and the strategic decisions behind diversifying suppliers and expanding internationally. Over the course of the conversation, Quentin and Peter discuss:

  • The journey of Harmony Energy, from its founding days to becoming a major player in the energy storage market.
  • Constructing the largest battery in Europe and a unique look at scaling projects.
  • Peter’s insights into the current state of the energy storage market in Great Britain, the impact of fluctuating revenues, and the future outlook.
  • Insight into Harmony Energy’s strategy when moving into international markets.
  • Harmony Energy’s approach to choosing key suppliers, and the importance of diversifying the supply chain.

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