Energy Voice: The Megawatt Hour – Sustainability, Supply Chains and Scope 1-3

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Jack Kelly
The rapid expansion of energy storage is of course great news for our ability to deploy and use renewable energy – but doing so is not without its own challenges. In episode 8 of Energy Voice, Harmony Energy CEO Peter Kavanagh and Professor Simon Pringle, who heads up the newly created Sustainability and ESG Hub at BDO, caught up with Energy Voice content editor Andrew Dykes in the latest Energy Voice podcast.

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Batteries require raw materials from all across the world and an ever more complex supply chain; pumped storage sites require major changes to land use and access; and what can we do with facilities or assets that reach the end of their life – is it better to re-use, recycle or decommission?

And how do developers and investors ensure their commitments meet ever stricter guidance when deciding which projects to pursue?

Sorting the E’s from the SG’s is Professor Simon Pringle, who heads up the newly created Sustainability and ESG Hub at BDO and Harmony Energy CEO Peter Kavanagh.

Peter said: “It was a pleasure to contribute to this discussion. Sustainability is core to our business. It is vital we continue to improve sustainability across the renewable sector.”

The Megawatt Hour is a special podcast series brought to you by Energy Voice Out Loud in paid partnership with BDO.

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